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FELLOWSHIP is one of the corner-stones on which the Tabling movement is built; it is Friendship, it is Honesty with your peers, it is enlargement of perspective, and it is also the force behind the similarity of roots. It is not a ritual or an end in itself; it is the means to a larger purpose in life. When one enjoys the company of their friends, the group can achieve wonders in performing Community Service.

Every person who joins the Tabling movement benefits from it, in tangible and intangible ways. It can be through the avenues of Community Service, through the bonds of Friendship and Fellowship that last a lifetime, or through the self-development and leadership that interaction with peers does brings about. HRD helps hone the development of Tablers and is now an important facet of the Tabling setup.

Round Table India is a network of inspired members who extend and transform their passions to bring about a positive change in the lives of needy people.

Round Table India is primarily a Fellowship organisation which is also involved in social service. Our Motto is Freedom Through Education, which provides us a platform to be recognised in building schools for the children at places where it is most required. We have spent around Rs.75/- crores in various school projects all over India in the last eight years and have built more than 2500 classrooms.

A card for a cause; the sale of Round Table India greeting cards is one major source of fundraising for the organization, next to receiving corporate donations.

The Supply House at Round Table India houses exclusive goods for sale. All items display the Table emblem, and every purchase goes back to fund our community service projects.

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Bhumi Pooja for Laxmisagar FTE school

Bhumi Pooja marking the beginning of construction @ Laxmisagar FTE school observ

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